Exclusive Interview: James Schramko and Alexi Neocleous on How to Get High Quality Clients

alexi neocleousIn this interview conducted by James Schramko – Alexi Neocleous  (listen to the interview Click – Here) tells us about a great system for getting high paying customers as well as getting these customers to take action. This system has been developed by Alexi Neocleous from Marketing Bump.

[Listen to the interview here]

In this Interview you will discover:

  • How to sell by NOT saying the same thing as others
  • What almost ALL multi-million dollar entrepreneurs have in common
  • The core difference between Branding and Direct Response Marketing
  • The importance of hiring specialists

Getting the right Client into your funnel

  • Filters to attract the perfect 7-8 figure customers who love what they do.
  • Designed the ultimate system to attract only the right customers based on his strong sales and marketing knowledge.
  • Getting rid of your desperate, low end, service needy customers and replacing them with a high end customer instead.

Get Your Money Brain On

  • Work on your money mindset to increase your revenue.
  • When you have a good psychology for wealth you get better results.
  • The self confidence that YOU and your business possess will control the type of interaction you gave with your clients.
  • Get your exact match client.
  • Re-enforce the positive wins you get as you get them when you are starting out.
  • Take losses as experience lessons.

Steps For Setting Up A Sales Funnel For Consulting:

james schramko

  1. Have a layer between you and the prospect.
  2. Instruct the client to look over your website.
  3. Ask them to look over your prices and have high prices. This will pre-screen those cheap clients.
  4. Use lots of proof elements and success stories.
  5. Point your client to your proof elements.
  6. Create a report to give away amazing content and give your prospect the report.

Find Out Early If Your Clients Are Right For You…

  • Some situations are best avoided.
  • You will not be good and right for every potential customer.
  • Make a 15 minute initial consult via phone.
  • The customer must have read the report and the video.
  • If the customer does not take action or the time to commit to the pre-screening process, they are not going to be right for your paid work.

Working on You…

  • Continue learning.
  • Be a sponge.
  • Work on your self-beliefs.

In summary, it is very important to do some filtering in order to get the best customers around. Be a high level service fee provider and use various elements in your website as proof. Take the time to understand your perfect customer and deal only with the right kind of people to make your life a lot easier. To listen to the full interview click here

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